An Evening at PenHop

Blue Orb TrailsBlue-white lights flash across my vision, darting from one corner of the room to another. Their speed increases as I try to follow them as they race throughout the room. For this time, they dance gracefully to the music in a rhythm that escapes my understanding. The movement of the lights stops at the end of each beat; a pause that seems to last for an eternity yet lives only a moment.

The streak that trails behind catches up just as a new note is struck and they move to their new assignment in a different part of the room. As the lights rest above someone, a dusting of sparkling light showers down upon their head. As if to wet the spirit, the dusting ends up covering only a fraction of who they are, giving off a subtle sheen before it fades into the background of their thoughts.

For others, the shower delivers a light that soaks deeply into their spirit to ignite a flash of divine sparkler-heart_qobrilliance. An excitement of knowing that the Lord has touched their spirit with a new release of His love causes the angels present to respond in awe.

So many times before, their spirits have been touched by the finger of the Father’s love with an effect that looks like the sparkle coming off a magnesium candle burning its full length in that fraction of a moment. The colors that follow this release appear over many as a full spectrum of colors. Over others, a few colors appear and over some, just one or two colors.

Breakthrough, hope, exuberance, strength, dreams visions or a needed caress enter the consciousness of those who’s spirits are open to the favor and blessings that accompany each touch. Strangely, some shake it off as their imagination — missing the opportunity to absorb their gift. Yet a few reach out with their spirit and pull down all the promise the divine lights have to offer; they save the gift and savor the sweet taste it brings.

worship_croAs the worshipers dance, the sparkles that were allowed to fall away and rest upon the ground are now kicked up and become life in the air that is being breathed.

The songs being sung change and the glow of the dancing lights fades away, leaving only a sweet fragrance of honeysuckle and winter roses.

Written by David

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