About Malaysia

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia!

Welcome to a diverse land rich in culture, history, beauty and the legendary hospitality of Asia! Malaysia is well known for her varied cultural makeup, which consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians and a host of indigenous peoples. In fact, Malaysia has been considered one of the most culturally diverse places in the world.

From the vast array of delicious foods to the assortment of colorful costumes, from the range of worship centers to a plethora of languages spoken on the streets, variety indeed spices up all aspects of life in Malaysia.

Add to this cultural diversity a modern infrastructure, an excellent government, a stable economy and a strategic location (on the sill of the 10/40 window) it is easy to see why Malaysia is an ideal setting to disciple and equip Christians for ministry throughout Asia and beyond.

So, whether you are looking for a long term ministry opportunity or are attracted by the thought of attending a training course in the exotic, enchanting Orient, look no further than YWAM Penang

Tucked away in the northwest corner of Malaysia, the island of Penang is an endearing contradiction. Modern skyscrapers in the capital city, Georgetown, rise next to noisy wet markets and age old temples. Past the ritzy beach resorts on the northern coast are fishing villages, rubber plantations and jungled hills.

Add to this a melting pot of races and cultures you’ll see why Penang truly deserves to be considered, ‘The Pearl of the Orient‘.

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