Our Host

YWAM Penang disciples the city, the nation and the nations through evangelism, training and mercy ministries to influence all spheres of society with the gospel.

  • We are a cross-cultural missions community living in a mentoring environment with a common passion to reach Asia for Christ.
  • We disciple believers to know God, their identity in Christ, and His transforming work of grace so that they think and act biblically in every sphere of life.
  • We disciple the nations by training and sending teachers, leaders, and church-planters to influence all areas of society with the gospel.

At YWAM Penang we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is intended to save not only souls, but entire societies. We want to see biblical truth applied to politics, the arts, business, education, family, science and media.

Sound challenging? It is. But when nations embrace a biblical Christian worldview the long-term impact of the Gospel is nothing short of astounding! Consider England during the time of the Wesleys. The United Kingdom, from north to south, was turned upside-down and inside-out by a group of itinerant preachers who insisted that Jesus cared about and had a plan for all aspects of human existence. Is this still possible in the world today? Could it happen in Asia? We believe so.

The teachers and leaders of YWAM Penang are working to accomplish this vision of radical discipleship one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time. We do this in two ways. First, we conduct a variety of training schools to equip disciples, teachers, and leaders. Second, we send ministry teams into various parts of Asia to work alongside national workers, teaching them to apply a biblical Christian worldview in all areas of life.

And as we teach everyone “to obey everything Jesus commanded” (Matt. 28:20) we believe that this revolutionary change will occur within individuals and societies all across Asia.

Experience the Father’s Passion for the Nations with YWAM Penang!

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