Outreach past survival?

"in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." (Romans 8:37)

Closing in on our half-way mark I wonder if more people than I have had this experience: Counting down the days, knowing we will survive and get through this, but looking forward for it to be over. As for us, we haven’t seen the obvious miracles yet, like limbs growing out, or people raised from the dead, we haven’t even seen a salvation. And so we bury our hearts in hard work, days pass by and we cling to the little victories we get. Like seeing some rewards of our efforts at the Life Bridge school or at Kawan, or finding that we can teach youth and children’s groups pretty well.

Let the love flow

Letting the Love Flow

But I have come to a point where I want outreach to be more than this. I want it to be about more than surviving, and about more than getting out on the other side, saying I made it. I want it to be good, because God is good, and for now, this is His best for me. So last week I prayed that I would be able to grab a hold of the joy God already has for me here, because I believe that it is there, I just haven’t attempted to access it, yet. Almost immediately something lifted.

Sarah-Ornevik-Happy-and-Cleaning_croUp until then, having joy here has depended on circumstances. I like the school, I’ve enjoyed our (many) cleaning days, hikes on our days off and not the least I love, love, love leading youth group. But as soon as a good activity ends, I’ve found myself falling into a pit again, being overwhelmed with Malaysia, the food, the smells, the fact that I can’t go anywhere alone,  or missing my closest DTS-friends, who all went to other countries for outreach.

However after my prayer and decision to get the most out of this, I can tell something has changed. I can’t quite explain it, but I feel lighter, and I feel a strong will to fight even more, not just to make this a good experience, but a great one! And I believe it comes down to this: outreach will be what we make out of it. We can struggle, we can hang in there, or we can thrive, it depends on us. So for the rest of our time here, I choose joy, and I choose victory. I choose to lay down my rights, and I choose to seek Gods ways even when His ways aren’t mine.Sarah preparing for school

I don’t think this experience is as much about doing good works, as it is about growing in His likeness. My prayer is that we all really will. I believe that the more He gets to shine through us, even in our molding and stretching, the more of His impact in this country will last, even when we are long gone.

Written by: Sarah Ørnevik

2 thoughts on “Outreach past survival?

  1. Linda Simpson

    Sarah, good post. It make me think that in some ways all of life is like that. Growing more like Him, fighting to make it a worthwhile GREAT experience, (for Him), not just getting though it and on to the other side.


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