Our Mission

Because Jesus said, “Go.”

Outreach is the Making God Known part of YWAM. It’s what we do here in Kona and in the nations. We believe that when Jesus said things like “love your neighbor” and “make disciples of all nations,” that it was a call for all of us to reach out with love and grace. We believe in it so much that we require all of our Discipleship Training School (DTS) students and many of our second level school students to do a cross-cultural outreach as part of their training.

No two outreaches are the same because we seek to hear and obey God about where we go and what we do while we’re there. In the past year, we’ve sent students to over 40 nations. On outreach we take whatever opportunities God gives us to proclaim his message of salvation through Jesus
Christ and to serve the people we meet by ministering to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Most our our students say outreach is the most exciting and enriching part of their DTS experience.

A U of N field assignment is designed to reflect YWAM/U of N’s founding principle of “learning by doing” in addition to servanthood, teamwork and developing cross-cultural understanding and skills. It’s an expression of our calling to GO into all the world, to reach the lost and to impact the spheres of society

with the Gospel. A student’s learning process is significantly accelerated and deepened as he integrates “learning” and “doing” on the Field Assignment.

The outreach provides practical experience, which is just as vital to the learning process as the three-month lecture phase. It allows students to exercise their new knowledge and skills in a supervised setting, usually within a team, and with a concentrated missions or ministry focus. Field assignments are structured so that one-to-one staff and student interaction is a regular activity during the 8-12 week outreach.

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