Ministry time!

From one week to another, we have gone from a pretty slow pace to busy-busy. By now we’re all involved in different ministries, some requiring early mornings, and others late nights.


Kawan Kitchen Staff

Since our last up-date we’ve been introduced to street evangelism. In Malaysia proselytizing is illegal, so we’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by some more experienced evangelists on the “how to”. Based out of the Kawan Centre, a group of missionaries and volunteers meet every Wednesday night to walk the streets of Georgetown, showing Gods love to people and praying for the city. As it was our first time, we got to shadow this group, and watch how they approach people. One couple, Lisa and Travis, have been involved with the ministry for four years, and they shared with us that it took them about six months before people warmed up towards them. Watching them in action now, we get to see many faces light up by the sight of them. They make a difference by noticing people, and showing that they care. Some have even started to ask for their prayers!

A big need here is for more long term missionaries to continue the work that Lisa and Travis are a part of. As much as short-termers like us can be a good help, the need is for more people to keep investing in relationships, watering the seeds that have already been planted.

On Fridays, Penang International House of Prayer, PenHOP, has a five hour prayer and worship meeting that we go to. This past Friday Makayla had a very special experience. She says:

“We were at Penhop and my family was sitting in a circle praying. My brother prayed first, then my mum, me, and my dad. When my dad prayed I saw a light next to him, like a little dot. It started to grow into a human shape, and then an angel with four wings walked out of it. He stepped into the middle, and as my dad was praying He took off his four wings and gave one to each of us.”

This is not the first time this girl has seen an angel, and at the age of eight, she is a great inspiration, as she shares her experiences with how God is meeting her, and speaking to her in different ways. I can see why God wants us to learn from the children!

Door-of-Hope_coOn the weekends our team splits up into two groups, one for children’s ministries and one for youth. The children’s team works with Door of Hope, which is an English class for children from low-income families. As it is a Christian ministry, the team gets to share gospel stories and worship songs with the kids there, and they are already a big hit.

The youth team goes to Tabernacle of Praise, a Chinese Pentecostal church. We meet with a group of about 20 teenagers, and spend a good three hours with them. Our mission is to teach a “mini-DTS”, and as we share our lives and our stories, we hope to inspire them to grow closer to God. The teens have received us very well, and we feel that God has a lot in store for this group, so we go with high expectations.

Thumbs Up at Tamil Methodist Church

Thumbs Up at Tamil Methodist Church

On Sundays all of us head out to Tamil Methodist Church, and following the service we divide again into children’s and youth ministries. It is a privilege to meet with a culture so different from our own, and discover that we have what’s most important in common.

And finally, the school year has started, making most of us teachers for the next five weeks! We have been asked to come and teach English at Life Bridge four days a week. Monday started off with a crazy, chaotic and wonderful meeting between new students and teachers. In the weeks to come, our desire is to pour out our love on these children, as their people (the Rohingyas) have no rights and few opportunities in this country.

Prayer needs for the week:

Half of our group is taking a four day trip out to the countryside to meet the indigenous people of Malaysia, the Orang Asli. Pray for open doors and safety as we travel!

The rest of the team will handle all other ministries on those days, so pray for extra strength and energy for them, and for God to show up in unexpected ways.

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