CrossRoads DTS

The Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) is especially designed for people who are 25 and older, who are seeking spiritual renewal, vision or new direction. It’s a unique opportunity to know God more intimately, to increase in godly character and to become involved in missions. The CDTS course has a 12-week lecture phase followed by an 8-week field assignment.

Crossroads students have teachings in the following areas: The Nature and Character of God, Hearing God’s Voice, Teaching and Ministry into areas of Past Experiences, Spiritual Warfare, Biblical Christian World View, The Kingdom of God, The Acts of the Holy Spirit, Nations and Cultures and Evangelism. Additionally, students meet in small groups and have one-to-one times with the school staff.

Families are welcome! The University of the Nations provides a Foundation School for children ages 4-17. The school is designed to enrich both the spiritual and academic growth of the children of CDTS students. Parents will need to arrange for a nanny to care for children under 4.

The Field Assignment

The 8-week outreach to the nations immediately follows the Kona training time. It is designed to provide students with opportunities to use their professional abilities, natural talents and spiritual giftings as they live and minister in cross-cultural settings. The outreach is adapted to mature students and those with families. The field assignment is a required part of the course, and applicants should be prepared to complete both the lecture and outreach phases of the school in order to be accepted.

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