Our time with the amazing Rohingya children of Life Bridge Learning Center has come to an end. They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words… So here are about a 100,000 words about our experiences at Life Bridge.

DTS og Malaysia 099_ro_001 DTS og Malaysia 100_ro_002 DTS og Malaysia 101_ro_003 DTS og Malaysia 102_ro_004 DTS og Malaysia 103_ro_005 DTS og Malaysia 104_ro_006 DTS og Malaysia 106_ro_007 DTS og Malaysia 108_ro_008 DTS og Malaysia 109_ro_009 life bridge 001_ro_010 life bridge 003_ro_011 life bridge 004_ro_012 life bridge 005_ro_013 life bridge 006_ro_014 life bridge 007_ro_015 life bridge 008_ro_016 life bridge 009_ro_017 life bridge 010_ro_018 life bridge 011_ro_019 life bridge 012_ro_020 life bridge 013_ro_021 life bridge 014_ro_022 Lifebridge 2 003_ro_023 Lifebridge 2 004_ro_024 Lifebridge 2 027_ro_025 Lifebridge 2 028_ro_026 Lifebridge 2 031_ro_027 Lifebridge 2 032_ro_028 Lifebridge 2 033_ro_029 Lifebridge 2 034_ro_030 Lifebridge 2 035_ro_031 Lifebridge 2 036_ro_032 Lifebridge 2 053_ro_033 Lifebridge 2 057_ro_034 Lifebridge 2 058_ro_035 Lifebridge 2 060_ro_036 Lifebridge 2 070_ro_037 Lifebridge 2 076_ro_038 Lifebridge 2 078_ro_039 Lifebridge 2 081_ro_040 Lifebridge 2 082_ro_041 Lifebridge 2 083_ro_042 Lifebridge 2 088_ro_043 Lifebridge 2 105_ro_044 Lifebridge 2 106_ro_045 Lifebridge 2 141_ro_046 Lifebridge 2 142_ro_047 Lifebridge 2 145_ro_048 Lifebridge 2 147_ro_049 Lifebridge 2 148_ro_050 Lifebridge 2 150_ro_051 Lifebridge 2 151_ro_052 Lifebridge 2 154_ro_053 Lifebridge 2 158_ro_054 Lifebridge 2 160_ro_055 Lifebridge 2 161_ro_056 Lifebridge 2 162_ro_057 Lifebridge 2 163_ro_058 P1050949_ro_059 P1050950_ro_060 P1050952_ro_061 P1060441_ro_062 P1060442_ro_063 P1060456_ro_064 P1060458_ro_065 P1060459_ro_066 P1060460_ro_067 P1060462_ro_068 P1060465_ro_069 P1060467_ro_070 P1060473_ro_071 P1060480_ro_072 P1060482_ro_073 P1060490_ro_074 P1060491_ro_075 P1060498_ro_076 P1060499_ro_077 P1060500_ro_078 P1060501_ro_079 P1060502_ro_080 P1060503_ro_081 P1060505_ro_082 P1060510_ro_083 P1060521_ro_084 P1060522_ro_085 P1060533_ro_086 P1060534_ro_087 P1060546_ro_088 P1060967_ro_089 P1060968_ro_090 P1060969_ro_091Photo’s by: Sarah and David

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