Yeah for our TEAM!

It has been 38 days when our team left Kona and started outreach. As of today January 24, 2013 we have 21 days remaining. I believe I am finally over my Culture Shock.

P1050637_cro-KawanUmbrellaWe are staying in the city of Penang. There are no trees or grass on our block. It is not a residential block, more of an industrial block.

It is hot and humid every day. I have learned to use my umbrella to block the sun.

We have all sorts of stinky smells, such as… sewer, dead fish, Malaysian cooking, incense and other smells I cannot identify. We share a 9 bedroom house, with 5 toilet/shower stalls. Our team consists of 4 families, 6 children ranging in age of 1 year to 12 years old. For those who cannot count .. that is 20 bodies with one washing machine and no dryer, just a clothes line!

We are leaders YES we come from the land of YWAM! where all Leaders are Readers and ALL Readers are Leaders!.

We are strong, independent, and know what we want and not want!

P1050622_cro-YWAMSo God stretches us and keeps on stretching us! But through all these tests and trials……..

We all honor each other, we all respect each other, communicate with each other, are considerate with each other, and most of all we BLESS each other.

At the end of our outreach, I know our God will look down and tell us, “Well job done, my good and faithful son”

Written by: Patricia Shallenburger

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